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Meet the Team

Come and meet the staff at our preschool! 


Name: Mary Valentine-George

Job Title: Senior Supervisor, Equal Opportunity Co-ordinator, Language Lead, Behaviour Lead and Data Controller

Qualifications: PGCE - General Primary (3-8 years)



Name: Carolyn Jones

Job Title: Supervisor and Designated Person for Safeguarding Children

Qualifications: PLA Basic Course and Level 3 certification in work with children (APEL)




Name: Anne Mumby 

Job Title: Assistant and SEN (Special Educational Needs) Co-ordinator

Qualifications: Qualified Teacher and OU Certificate in Early Year Practice




Name: Hannah Allan

Job Title: Assistant and Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Qualifications: B.Ed Primary Education




Name: Sarah Miller

Job Title: Assistant

Qualifications: Education and Early Childhood Studies Degree




Name: Jessica Brown

Job Title: Assistant

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts and Applied Studies                                                                                                                  


Cover Staff


Name: Rachael Walker






Name: Sally Lee




  • Opening Hours
  • Monday - Wednesday: 9am -12pm
  • Thursday and Friday: 9am – 3pm