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Book Sharing

“Sharing books and stories with children helps their learning, development, language and communication. Reading to your child every day gives them the best start to life. Reading books or telling stories is a time when you can be together. Children learn so much from sharing books with adults.” - PACEY


Collingham Preschool book sharing scheme - How it works

Children will be given a book bag, which will contain advice for parents about sharing books with their children at home. Your child/ren will be able to choose a book each week to take home and share. This can then be returned the following week and exchanged for another book.

N.B. Please don’t send your child’s book bag in more than once a week.


We would ask that the book bag be returned to us when your child leaves preschool OR you pay a £10 fee to keep it.

You will need to sign a form to agree to this before your child is given their bag. This is because preschool don’t have the funds to buy new book bags each year.


We’re know that children love bringing a book bag to preschool – just like the ‘big’ children at school and will benefit from time spent sharing and talking about books at home.


We will collect book bags from children that are moving up to school during the second half of the summer term to give us time to invoice for unreturned bags.

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