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I hope you're all ok?- we're really missing you at preschool! Our topic this week is dinosaurs- here are a few activities that you might like to try...

1. Frozen dinosaur eggs
If you have some small dinosaurs or animal toys and some balloons you could make some eggs by putting the toy inside the balloon, adding water and freezing them (you could just use containers and different toys if you like). Experiment with different ways of melting the ice to get the toy out e,g, salt or warm water. Which works best?

2. Can you make a dinosaur swamp outside? You could use sand, soil, jelly, cornflour and water, stones, gravel etc. Can you describe how the different materials feel?

3. Explore the dinosaur topic page on the cbeebies website. There are stories, things to make and games. You can follow the instructions to make a fossil if you can spare a bit of flour!

4. Visit the Natural History Museum website ( - to see photos and find out more about dinosaurs. Click on the 'try at home' page for more ideas, including how to make an erupting volcano!

5. Try the attached home learning challenge ideas and dinosaur shape building activity.

Have fun!
Mrs George :-)

Listening and Attention Activity


This week's activity is focussed on the initial sounds 't' and 'p'...

- Can you find a few small objects beginning with the sounds 't' and 'p'?
- look at the objects together and split them into those beginning with 't' and those beginning with 'p'
- then hide the objects around the house or garden.
- start your treasure hunt to look for the objects. As you find them make a pile of those beginning with 't' and those beginning with 'p'.

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